How it all started

Bluelue was born in Tulum, Mexico.  What started out as a last minute trip, turned into the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  Like the Sargassum Algae, that cyclically sweeps up on the beaches of the Riviera Maya to clean the ocean, we arrived in Tulum on a quest to build a more meaningful life for our family. Everything on our planet needs air to breathe and time to heal. And so did we.
We wanted to create something that would serve our community and our planet. We were also looking for a way to express our gratitude for our planet and the gift of our children. On this trip we realized putting our creative talents to use was the right way to go and we decided to start an ethical clothing company for families embracing an alternative lifestyle.

The driving force behind Bluelue is LOVE and GRATITUDE. Love and gratitude for our children, our community, our planet, and our oceans.
We design inspired clothing for an intentional living.   
We believe positive, comfortable and beautiful apparel can make you feel unique and special. Our clothes are made from soft cotton blends and printed with high-quality water-based inks. The designs are inspired by our many trips, the beautiful Mexican culture we are proud to be part of, spiritual quests and our love for the ocean.

As thank you to Tulum, we are giving back to what started it all. The love for our oceans and the beauty they create in spiritual places like Mexico. We are donating 10% of all our profits to protect the oceans to know more visit LINK
We hope our art brings you much joy.
Love and Light, 
Adrian, Sonja, Anika Luna, and Liam Sol  

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